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Metal parts manufacturing expert

At United Best Metal Casting, we make it a goal to provide customized precision metal parts of the highest quality to our clients along with excellent service. We are known for our expertise in the field of Investment Casting, as we supply custom metal parts to different industries across North America, Europe and Asia.

Our Strengths and Values

Our Servuces
Expert in metal industry

We have long history and experiences on metal industry, handling all kind of contract manufacturing.


We specialize in producing complicated casting parts for famous customers.

Design Engineering

We work with your product designers to develop your concept or design to optimize it for manufacture

Our team is also capable to design and create the checking fixtures and gauges to guarantee the products' dimensions.

Professional engineering team

We have our engineering and inspection team to provide technical advice to avoid any potential problems during production

Metal Casting ability

We carry a large selection of materials used for metal casting including stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, and brass just to name a few. 

William Doi

Manager of UB metal castingl

On time delivery

We monitor every single manufacturing step to ensure the production is done smoothly for on time delivery.

Inspection control

Our inspection team will carry out the dimensional inspection to make sure all parts are in tolerance and meet required specifications

Smooth buying experience

We bridge the gap between our clients and factories in China. You can place your order with no risk and doubt.

Ready to find us for quote?

We believe our company can be of value to yours, and we want to provide you with the assistance to help you save costs in the current economy, as well as to grow your business. If you have any enquiries, please feel free to contact us.

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