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Metal Parts


casting production & capabilities

Investment casting is a long, complex technique, used for making precise metal parts. It achieves a net shape structure with intricate shapes and dimensions through the use of a wax mold. Our factories can manufacture investment casting parts using the soluble glass process or the silica-sol process. Zirconium sand is also used on the ceramic molds to provide an excellent finish to the products.

Investment casting metal varieties

We can carry a large selection of materials used for metal casting including:

  • Stainless steels

  • Carbon steels

  • Alloys of steels

  • Brass & bronze

  • Titanium

  • Aluminum

  • Nickel base alloys

  • Cobalt base alloys


We can also produce casting parts in a number of sizes, ranging from several ounces to several kilograms. Part can also reach up to 15 inches in length.

Material standard: GB, ASTM, AISI, DIN, BS, JIS, EN, AS, AAR, etc.


Our casting surface roughness can generally meet Ra 6.4um.

Post-casting services

We offer a wide range of post-casting services including

  • Heat Treatment (normalizing, quenching, annealing, etc.)

  • Soft or sand blasting

  • Electro-plating

  • Powder coating

  • Painting

  • High standard hand polishing.

Metal casting products range

We specialize on the casting parts for the following fields:

  • Automobiles

  • Motorcycles

  • Tools and machines

  • Valves, fittings and flanges

  • Food industry machinery

  • Gas or water Turbines

  • Oil Industries

  • Pump and compressors

  • Aviation industry

  • Agricultural industry

  • Railways

  • Construction industry

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