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Our inspectors will ensure that all of the quality check procedures put in place are followed during every production phase. Our team will also create comprehensive documentation to record all manufacturing quality data.

Coordinate-measuring machine (CMM) is applied during ourdimensional checking process to validate the samples or manufactured parts are in specifications.

3D product scanning service will also be carried out to check whether the sample surface has any distortion. 

CMM dimensional report and 3D product scanning image result will be generated for our customer upon the submission of ISIR samples.

3D CMM report.jpg

Our team will also carry out the chemical analysis or physical checking on our casting samples to make sure our parts meet the standard.














Product quality for our consumers is UB MetalCasting top priority. This applies to our entire portfolio.


We build trust by offering products and services that match consumer expectation and preference

checmical and physical analysis report.j
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