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Metal Casting

The Metal Casting Process and CNC Machine Parts

Here at United Best Corp Limited, we can manufacture your OEM metal parts, by utilizing the metal casting process and CNC machine parts. Before talking about a few advantages of the two processes, let us talk about the two manufacturing processes. 


Metal casting (Investment casting, die casting, gravity casting, etc.) is defined as the process in which molten metal is poured into a mould that contains a hollow cavity of a desired geometrical shape and allowed to cool down to form a solidified part. The term casting is also used to describe the part made by the casting process which dates back 6000 years.

Advantages of metal casting
  1. Metal casting can produce intricate shapes

  2. Internal cavities or hollow structures can be easily achieved

  3. Big size part can be produced in one-piece cast

  4. Product simplification

  5. Near net shape is created

  6. Cost savings

CNC machining, or computer numerical control machining, is a type of precision machining which it is automated, enabling high accuracy and extreme precision. CNC machining involves using a pre-programmed software that dictates how machinery and other automated tools create the CNC machine parts. 

For most custom metal parts, it involves both metal casting and CNC machining process, it is because cast parts straight from the mold most cannot to be ready to use. Many mechanical features require machining to add characteristics that casting alone cannot do. CNC machining work parts to ensure they meet accuracy.

If your product has a lot of fine detailing on the exterior of the product then CNC machining is preferable. But there are some design features that you can’t achieve with CNC machining. If your product has internal cavities and structures, metal casting might be the best method. 

If you have low volume parts, you may want to manufacture your parts via a CNC machine. This is also the preferred method when there is a need for a vast number of reliable and consistent parts. 

Whether you are in need of metal casting, CNC machine parts or both, we would love to help. At United Best Corporation Limited, we make it a goal to provide customized precision metal parts of the highest quality to our clients along with excellent service.

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