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UB MetalCasting


We have our long successful history of manufacturing investment casting parts of automobiles, motorcycles, special fittings, flanges, valves, and other hardware parts. Our sales office locate in Hong Kong while our steel casting foundry locate in Zhejiang, China.

Our Manufacturing Process and Equipments

Investment casting is a method of metal casting in which a wax mold is created at the beginning.

Creating a wax mold

Wax molds are created from steel tooling.

Assembling the wax molds on the wax tree 

Several wax molds will be assembled with wax feedgates to create a gate & runner and creating a wax tree. 


Ceramic shell

The wax tree will then dipped in a ceramic slurry then covered with zirconium sand to form a hard shell, this dipping and drying process repeated for 4-6 times depend on the size and the complexity of the casting parts.


Wax Removal

The ceramic shell will then put inside the autoclave to melt away the wax, the cavity with shape of cast part are ready to cast

Preheat the shell

The shell is preheated to a required temperature according to the casting material and design and ready to cast.


Metal Pouring

Molten metal is poured into the shell and metal casting parts are formed.

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