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Metal Casting

Why Choose 

UB MetalCasting

We have over 15years of experience working with metal casting, producing large and small, easy and complicated custom metal parts for our customers. Our commitment to continual development, development, improvement and consistently high quality gives our customers a competitive edge ensuring continued success.

01. Industry expertise

Along with quality products, UB metal casting make it a priority to provide excellent service and at reasonable prices.We have sophisticated experiences in handling all kind of contract manufacturing and OEM parts

02. Technical experience

Our engineer team can provide structural and mechanical concept from enquiry to full production, we also offer technical advice to avoid any potential problems during production.

03. Great relationship with customer

As an international supplier of investment casting and CNC machine parts, we are best positioned to help our customer with all of your contract manufacturing needs. We built our business on our products and relationships. We believe creditbility, honesty are the only way to do long term business. Our current customers are all doing business with us over decade.

04. Quality Guarantee

Our engineer team and inspection team can carefully monitor the manufacturing process, to ensure every single step are undergone correctly. CMM dmensional inspection and chemical analysis will be performed to validate the manufactured parts.

05. Bridge the gap

We perfectly bridge the gap between our clients and factories in China, to make sure order have been placed without any risk and flaw. You have no language and cultural barriers at all.

06. One stop shop solution

As a customer, you don't need to worry anything happened during manufacturing, we assure all the production steps are going correctly and the only thing you do care is goods receiving.

07. Large variety of production category

We are experts in all custom metal parts for all industries, including auto parts, motorcycle parts, agricultural machinery parts, baker equipments, water pump parts, compressors parts, food & beverages machinery parts, hydraulic equipment parts, etc.

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